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Kemp has been established in 1990 by separating from a DC Motor Manufacturing Company. For a decade, manufactured specialized machinery for the industry and at the beginning of 2000 Kemp has been started manufacturing Electrical and Pneumatic Vibration Motors with their accessories. For the last 15 years we made our name written among the key producers of the world by supplying Vibration Motors for the machinery manufacturer companies. As for today, Kemp is an engineering company manufacturing Vibration Motors and Oscillation Products. As an engineering company we do supply our clients the most progressive technology to obtain high profitability with low operating cost. In our line of business with over 10.000 sqm closed area facility we are the biggest manufacturer in the Middle East and we export more than 30 countries. And also we are the only manufacturer in the world who manufactures both vibration motors and anti-vibration solutions at the same time. With over 100 employees we are always working to develope the most recent technologies for our clients.