• Esta-Anti-Vibration-Solutions
    GK-K Type

    GK-K type strut is used instead of body hair or behind the GK type strut connection can not be in a fitting condition. Handles are made of over tightening the mounting bolts. High compression strength of the connection bolt is used to ensure quality 12.9. Top tension values or to be operated under a high variability of mounting tension with the TS type part positioning is recommended. Strut, Z type sprocket, S type cylinder or V-belt pulley mounted on any type or types of strut between the two GK will be mounted in the apparatus can be used as a conveyor belt scraper.

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  • Esta-Anti-Vibration-Solutions
    BS Type

    AI, AT, PO-D, PB-D, CP-D types are are fixing with two bolts, GK, GK-K, GK-C types are fixing with a bolt behind the housing, PB-T, CP-T, AG types are fixing with a bolt. Both of sides have possibility of the element assembling.

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  • Esta-Anti-Vibration-Solutions
    DS Type

    Housing made out of steel sheet. Suitable fixing parts for CP-D, PO-D types fastening to fitting with bolt.

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  • Esta-Anti-Vibration-Solutions
    LS Type

    LS types of fittings are made from sheet steel. CP-D PO-D can be used as part of the connection to other similar products. It is also used as fittings ES-L type vibration damping material. Bolt connection elements is fixed to a release coupling.

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  • Esta-Anti-Vibration-Solutions
    PS Type

    The clamps are fit exactly for the fixiation of the type CP-D and CP-T without welded mounting for longer units least two clamps are recommended.

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  • Esta-Anti-Vibration-Solutions
    TS Type

    Housing made out of steel sheet, suitable for GK,GK-K,GK-C, struts parts fixing angles and fastening to adjustment.

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