• Esta-Anti-Vibration-Solutions
    CS-T Type

    Housing made out of steel profile, iner square in steel structure. Welded housing steel profile creates to distance piece. The system fixation of oscillation mounting practicable with bolt. Suitable for two conveyor system to be oscillation of one and be toot of other conveyor.

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    KS-F / KS-FK Type

    KS-F emission element body from steel profiles, the inner parts are made of steel flange welded on the bar at the mounting holes. Interconnections are made of steel rod part. And is welded to the body. The EC-type suspension element has the same function, but is not set as the distance between the two connections AK suspension components. KS-F product is made from the opposite side flange connection systems without adequate surface allows for mounting to the application.

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    CS-F / CS-FK Type

    CS-F body type oscillation elements from steel profiles, internal parts are made from steel flange welded steel rod with mounting holes on it. A steel profile welded to the body creates spacer. So that the foot strap to the other one at the same time is used to run the two shaker system. Intermediate connecting member used to connect the system to the base. CS-F product, made from the opposite side flange connection systems without adequate surface for mounting allows the application.

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    TD Type

    Anti vibration mounting types are designed to accept tension, compression, shear loading and absorbtion of low and medium frequency vibrations suitable for wall and base mountings. Housing made out of welded steel profile, inner square made out of steel.

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    GK Type

    The area where the most commonly used type of GK strut, belt scraper conveyors, chain and belt tensioning are applications where the adoption of the task. The body and the inner member is made of welded steel. BS type or a different connection bolts at the bottom part of extruded body is mounted. Frictional force due fixing mounting bracket is made. They are operated under tension with tension values or high variability of the upper assembly part positioning with TS type is recommended.

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    GK-C Type

    GK-C type strut is used to provide the necessary tension to both sides of the Z type sprocket attaching long-chain and positioning. The body and the inner member is composed of welded steel components. BS type, or a different coupling tightening bolt body further mounted. Frictional force due fixing mounting bracket is made. Top tension values or to be operated under a high variability of mounting tension with the TS type part positioning is recommended.

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